Why MEC?

IT is an essential part of any healthcare organization, but achieving 100% uptime, reducing open tickets, optimizing IT costs, and enhancing IT performance and outcomes is not the specialty of hospitals and clinics.  MEC realizes this and believe you shouldn’t have to focus excessive time and attention on managing technology.  Whether you have limited IT or need a fully managed service offering, MEC has you covered.

MEC’s full time team technicians and analysts are dedicated to the healthcare industry to deliver total IT planning, implementation, customization, integration and maintenance.

MEC takes the wheel, while not relinquishing your command of IT resources. We map your IT maturity path, maintain and augment your systems, and implement upgrades with comprehensive reporting along the way.

We host your healthcare IT on the fastest HIPAA compliant servers in the USA and support you with a dedicated team of veteran IT pros who specialize in healthcare IT projects and strategy.

  • US-based healthcare IT supportGuaranteed service levelsTier-5 platinum secure data centers
  • Exclusive expertise in the healthcare delivery industry (hospitals, clinics, and practices)
  • Comprehensive support for application, interoperability, content customization, and maintenance
  • Private redundant cloud assets are tier-5 platinum certified with advanced HIPAA accreditation

What does this mean for your practice?

In today’s healthcare environment, your patients expect to have more access to your physicians than ever before. Patients increasingly want online tools to be able to check information, book appointments, and look at test results. Fulfilling these needs require complex technological solutions that must undergo regular maintenance.

Our healthcare IT support services are the perfect way to ensure your platforms are all running smoothly all the time. This allows you practice to control costs, increase security and enjoy a continually updated and optimized computing environment for maximum efficiency.

We’ll take away the burden of managing your technology systems so that you can focus your attention on delivering superior patient care.