Chameleon - Portable Computing Solution

Our pocket-sized patented Chameleon™ portable computer has all the functionality and security of a traditional workstation. This device is no ordinary computer. Chameleon is the most portable terminal possible on a thin-client solution offering high-end multi-core embedded CPU and GPU for PC-class performance. Any Bluetooth enabled device can easily be paired as an input or output peripheral device. Download our product sheet to learn more about Chameleon and what it can do for your organization.

Mobile Development

With the increased usage of handheld devices, mobile application development is in high demand. Many organizations are seeking integrated, secure and scalable applications to deliver to their employees and clients.

Millennium develops and builds customized mobile applications for your business needs on a variety of mobile platforms. Millennium Enterprise will ensure that your application is compatible and user friendly. We have dedicated and talented developers catered to your needs with the most current resources to deliver on your requested platforms. We provide services for mobile application development from planning, designing, developing, and testing in order to have a successful deployment of your application. Millennium Enterprise believes in delivering quality solutions to maximize your organization’s needs.

Web Application Development

Web presence is your customer’s point of entry to your services and the means of presenting your mission. Your webpage is the first thing customers see when they research your organization. Millennium Enterprise Corporation has a track record of developing and supporting quality websites that combine aesthetically pleasing design with functionality and user friendliness. From home pages to web applications, MEC’s experienced team of system analysts and developers will work on your project from its conceptualization through its implementation and beyond. Concentrate on the content and let us implement the design. After all, your webpage presence is your window to the virtual world, and your presence to your customers. MEC is here to help ensure you put your best digital foot forward.

Our services include designing and developing websites, web custom business applications, web applications, custom software development, portals, e-business sites, e-learning, and mobile applications. We also provide ongoing application maintenance and hosting services.

Cloud Computing

The growth in popularity of cloud computing has increased to perform functionality that was previously nonexistent. Cloud computing is an effective way to share resources, improve manageability and reduce maintenance costs.

Millennium provides cloud solutions to improve reliability, efficiency and driving IT innovation. We provide the IT needs to manage, build and operate any cloud computing beyond any data center. In addition, we can assist in reducing the cost and time required to deploy and support IT infrastructure and lower the risks. With the right strategies and goals, Millennium can deliver valued results.

Infrastructure Hosting

Today, government agencies and enterprises are faced with challenges of greater expectations and tighter financial constraints. As budgets shrink and security concerns increase in importance, having a reliable and secure infrastructure is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Entities rely on digital infrastructures to operate effectively and successfully. Industry needs and requirements change as technology and customer demands evolve. That is why IT strategy and business strategy go hand in hand. Optimizing your IT environment not only reduces your IT operating and maintenance costs but it accelerates performance, productivity, and efficiency of resource usage. With the right strategic goals in place, business value increases as IT operations are more streamlined. Let MEC analyze your infrastructure architectural needs and help you select the best technological solutions for your organization.

MEC provides infrastructure hosting services for mission-critical applications that include cloud computing, network services, managed hosting, security services, and hybrid hosting solutions. Our secure data facility uses the latest firewalls and security technologies. We meet HIPAA and SAS-70 compliance.