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About MEC

Millennium Enterprise Corporation is an award-winning information technology company with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. The MEC team has extensive experience providing comprehensive IT solutions and innovative learning management systems.

“Innovation is anything, but business as usual.”

— Anonymous

Who We Are

Millennium Enterprise Corporation (MEC), a Virginia based SWaM-certified, minority owned small disadvantaged business (SDB) was founded in 1998 by Minh Nguyen, an expert with decades of experience in computer systems and network design system and architectural engineering. For much of our history, MEC has been providing a wide range of reliable cost effective and innovative IT services and products to meet current and evolving technology support demands for government organizations.

MEC specializes in web technology services, mobile application development, web design and cloud computing. We provide innovative technology solutions to our clients, while maximizing cost avoidance with minimal risks. As a company and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty and professionalism. We hold ourselves accountable for providing the highest quality service through innovation and creative thinking.


Years in the business

We are a Small Business Administration certified business that graduated from the 8(a) program. Our company is positioned to take advantage of set-aside opportunities for small disadvantaged minority-owned businesses that promote small business utilization when contracting IT solutions for the federal government. Our certification enables Millennium Enterprise to compete in the federal marketplace with larger companies or to team with other entities to help them and the government meet small business contracting goals.

We have partnered with George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. We are centrally located in the Volgenau School of Engineering where we have access to talented individuals with IT backgrounds in software development, systems engineering, and more.

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The MEC Team

At the heart of Millennium Enterprise Corporation is a team of creative innovators and problem solvers.  Each core team leader was hand chosen not only their technical ability but their creative thought process and ability to collaborate as part of a team. We have created a team that defies standard barriers in thinking that is greater than the sum of the individuals.

team image

Minh Nguyen

CEO / Founder


A Disney super fan / Ride a Segway scooter.

I’d dance to…

Salsa music.

I’d eat…

Sushi any day.

team image

Tim Johnson

VP, Corporate Strategy


A Harley Davidson enthusiast / Bike across the country any day / Play my guitar to relax.

I’d dance to…

Great music.

I’d eat…

Good Southern food.

team image

Alice Lee

VP, Operations


An Optimist / Like to travel more often / Try new things each day.

I’d dance to…

80’s music.

I’d eat…

Most any Asian food.

Phuong Pham

VP, Client Growth & Business Strategy


Perfectly imperfect / See you at the next dive bar / Like to learn the Argentine tango.

I’d dance to…

Fire by Black Pumas. “If there’s a fire, call the fireman”. Makes total sense to me.

I’d eat…

Very spicy foods.

Lee Parham

Director, Information Technology & Business Systems / vCIO


A BBQ Pitmaster/Cook up the best BBQ you’ve ever eaten.

I’d dance to…

Upbeat music.

I’d eat…

Anything grilled to my high standards.

team image

Dr. Terrie Carter

Director, EdTech Programming & Product Development


A Jack of many trades / Try most anything once / Join anyone on vacation.

I’d dance to…

90’s and Reggae music.

I’d eat…

Seafood at every meal.

Why Choose Us?

MEC is a true integrator– we make disparate platforms work collaboratively across an enterprise.

We build customized enterprise solutions dedicated to our clients’ needs. MEC solutions provide necessary minimum capabilities with maximum portability, interoperability and interconnectivity to support diverse requirements.

Our clients benefit from our solutions that are specifically designed to best meet their current and future requirements and fully satisfy their goals and objectives. We have provided clients with proven solutions, employing latest state-of-the-art, advanced technologies and features that exceed expectations, are easy-to-use, and maintain and permit maximum efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

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Current federal and local government vendor

Decades of proven management and quality processes

Flexible, tailored hardware and software solutions delivered on-time and on-budget

Proven comprehensive, customizable, and interoperable IT solutions

Dedicated program management and information technology staff with over 100 years of combined experience


The Millennium Way

Imagine working with an organization where the culture, values, and processes encourage team players to constantly seek new and better ways to solve problems, create value for customers, and stay at the forefront of innovation.

MEC Company Values

Continuous learning

MEC encourages employees to keep learning and experimenting with new ideas, technologies, and processes.


MEC is always thinking about how to create more value for customers and meet their changing needs.


MEC is able to respond quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions, customer needs, and technological advances.


MEC encourages diverse perspectives and is open to new ideas from employees, customers, and other stakeholders.


MEC supports cross-functional teams working together to solve complex problems that foster collaboration and teamwork.

Visionary leadership

MEC has leaders who are able to articulate a compelling vision for the future and inspire employees to work toward that vision.

By embracing these values, MEC fosters a culture of innovation that drives growth, creates value for our customers, and keeps us at the forefront of your industry.