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As technology evolves and becomes more complex, the government and organizations will need expert advice and support to help them leverage emerging technologies.

At Millennium Enterprise Corporation, our job is to implement technology efficiently, effectively, and securely.


Having effective technology is important because it ensures that technology is being used to achieve the desired outcomes. It means that the technology is able to solve the problems it was designed to solve. On the other hand, having efficient technology is also important because it ensures that resources are being used in the most optimal way possible.

By reducing waste and streamlining processes, efficient technology can save time and money, increase productivity, and make the most of available resources.  Secure technology is essential to protecting data, ensuring business continuity, complying with regulations, protecting intellectual property, and earning customer trust.

Innovation is anything, but business as usual.

— Anonymous

MEC's consultants can assist government agencies in creating and managing budgets, forecasting revenue and expenses, and developing financial plans to achieve organizational goals.

Government agencies are subject to various financial regulations, and MEC’s consultants can help ensure they comply with these regulations to avoid penalties and legal issues.

With MEC’s Financial Management ToolKit (FMT) software, we can also help government agencies measure their financial performance and create reports to communicate this information to stakeholders.

MEC's Power BI Platform Consultants can help government agencies develop custom dashboards providing real-time insights into key performance indicators and other essential metrics.

With our visually appealing and easy-to-understand data visualizations dashboard, we can help stakeholders within the agencies understand complex data sets more efficiently.

Our Power BI Platform Consultants can also help government agencies integrate Power BI with other platforms and systems, such as Microsoft Azure and SharePoint, to streamline data management and reporting.  Afterward, our consultants can train and support government employees using Power BI, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge necessary to use the platform effectively.

Power BI Platform Consultants play an important role in helping government agencies use the platform to gain insights into their data, make informed decisions, and improve overall performance.

Cybersecurity audits and assessments are essential to ensuring the security of government systems and networks.

By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, government agencies can protect sensitive data, comply with regulations, ensure business continuity, and improve their overall security posture.

Here at MEC, our CyberSecurity Consultants use tools such as Nessus and Qualys to identify security holes in operating systems, applications, and network devices. It can scan and identify vulnerabilities such as weak passwords, outdated software, and misconfigured systems.  Our consultants audit agencies’ security policies and procedures and provide employees with security training.

Before Storage as a Service (STaaS), government agencies faced several challenges with their storage infrastructure:

  • Limited scalability: Traditional storage infrastructure was often difficult and expensive to scale up or down, making it challenging for agencies to adapt to changing storage needs.
  • High costs: Building and maintaining on-premise storage infrastructure was expensive, requiring significant capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Limited accessibility: Traditional storage infrastructure often requires physical access to the storage hardware, making accessing data from remote locations or mobile devices difficult.
  • Limited redundancy: Without built-in redundancy or backup options, traditional storage infrastructure left agencies vulnerable to data loss in the event of a hardware failure or disaster.

MEC’s Storage as a Service addresses these challenges by offering a flexible and cost-effective storage solution that is easily scalable, accessible from anywhere, and includes robust backup and disaster recovery options. Additionally, MEC’s Storage as a Solution offers built-in security features and access controls, making it easier for agencies to ensure data security and compliance.